Smart Wi-Fi that keeps you connected

Helix Internet

Smart Wi-Fi that keeps you connected

Couch Family

Living connected, in full security.

With the Helix Fi App, it’s easy to manage the connections of each connected device and family member. You’ll also benefit from cutting-edge security options.

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meme a distance

Even from afar

With the Helix Fi App, you can configure and manage your devices, even from afar. See who’s connected to your network or set Internet time limits for specific devices when you’re gone.

adapte famille

Tailored to your family

With the Helix Fi App, you can create a user profile for each member of your family. You can then manage their devices, activities and Internet access schedules with a few simple clicks.

performance optimales

Optimal performance

Check the Internet connection’s status and performance for each device, from wherever you are. If need be, find the best location for your Wi-Fi Pods and boost your network’s performance.

Internet esprit tranquille EN

Peace of mind with Parental Control

With the Helix Fi App's Parental Control, you can manage your children’s Internet access and the content they can access. You can also set how many hours their devices can be connected to the Internet.

acces au site

Access to sites

Enable Parental Control to limit your children’s access to inappropriate sites. You can enable it for specific user profiles.

controle des heures

Controlling access time

You can temporarily block Internet access for specific user profiles or devices. When it’s time to eat or sleep, you can block Internet access for a set time.

suivi navigation

Monitoring activities

Monitor time spent online for each profile and device. You can even allocate a specific number of hours for the week or the weekend. When the limit has been reached, you’ll get a notification.

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High-performance equipment

The Helix Fi Gateway provides the best performance and makes it easy to wirelessly connect all your devices to the network.

If need be, you can use Wi-Fi Pods to get even better coverage and performance throughout your home.

The full power of Helix Internet

Helix technology is available or exclusively available in some regions.

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