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100 GB of bonus data per year, no speed lag, Club illico mobile, on the phone of your choice.

Your price for life, a perk of Videotron

When you subscribe to a Videotron Mobile plan, you’re guaranteed to pay the same rate for life, as long as you keep your initial subscription. Mobile plans with no rate increase, that’s our promise! More details.

Canada All-Inclusive plans

Canada-France and Canada-US All-Inclusive plans

Use your cell phone in France or the United States as you would in Canada, thanks to data that travels with you.

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Inclusions that make all the difference

  • 100 GB of bonus data: 100 GB of annual bonus data to use in Canada, which means you can go over your limit, worry free.
  • Data always at full speed: Whether you’re using your plan data or bonus data, your connection speed will never lag.
  • Travel data depending on the plan you choose: You can use your cell phone in France or the U.S. as if you were at home.
  • The same price for life: You’re guaranteed to pay the same rate for life, with promotions and discounts, as long as you keep your initial subscriptions.
  • Club illico mobile: An abundance of varied content thanks to Club illico mobile, always free with an All-Inclusive plan.
  • Free 5G access: High-performance Internet connection thanks to higher speed, increased connectivity, and reduced latency.

For a limited time, take advantage of a special offer on our travel plans

Choose Canada-International at $55/month, or Canada-US or Canada-France All-Inclusive plans at the same price as All-Inclusive Canada, starting at $45/month. Different country, same plan!

Cutting-edge phones for your All-Inclusive plan

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FAQ about All-Inclusive plans

All-Inclusive plans are available to new and existing Videotron Mobile customers, with a new device or when they bring their own.

The All-Inclusive plans help limit the risk of overage charges with 100 GB of bonus data renewable annually. Each month, your mobile data usage is deducted from your monthly limit, and then a maximum of 20 GB of excess data in Canada can be used at no charge, with no speed limit.

The Daily Traveller Pass is compatible with all All-Inclusive plans and allows you to use your plan’s monthly data in the countries covered by this option.

Check out more information about how the All-Inclusive plan’s bonus data works..


*Please consult the “Learn more” section of the selected plans and mobile phones for the offer details.

Price for life
The “price for life” promise means that the base rate (before any discounts or credits) of Residential Mobile plans will not increase during the course of the subscription. It applies to all Residential Mobile plans marketed by Videotron with the mention “price for life.” The promise applies only to the base rate of the Mobile plan, and not to other charges, such as add-ons, Mobile activation fees, 911 emergency service fees, federal, provincial, and municipal taxes, overage fees, roaming fees, and any other out-of-plans rates and additional fees. It is valid as long as the customer maintains their subscription to the Mobile plan, and is non-transferable.

Keep your own phone - $5/month discount and 5 GB bonus data
This limited-time offer applies to Videotron Residential customers. On subscription to an eligible Mobile plan, the customer who brings their own device receives a $5 monthly discount and obtains an additional monthly Data Add-on of 5 GB. Customer must own a compatible device. The discount and the additional monthly Data Add-on offer will be maintained as long as the customer keeps their device and the plan to which they are subscribed. It is possible that this offer cannot be combined with other special offers. $50 Mobile activation fees (per transaction) extra. Municipal tax of $0.52 for 911 emergency service and other applicable taxes extra. Certain conditions apply.