Discover our All-Inclusive plans

Discover our All-Inclusive plans

100 GB of bonus data per year, no speed lag, Club illico mobile, on the phone of your choice.[ln].

Our best All-Inclusive plans

Picto 100 GB


100 GB of annual bonus data to use in Canada, which means you can go over your limit, worry free. If you use up all your data one month, your bonus data will kick in and you won’t have any additional fees to pay.

Picto Club illico


Switch to movies and series mode! Your All-Inclusive plan comes with Club illico, so you can enjoy unlimited access to a ton of original French-language productions, exclusive series, and movies.

Details about Club illico Mobile

Picto Données Pleine Vitesse


A connection without compromise and speed that never slows! With your All-Inclusive plan, your connection speed will never lag, no matter how much data you use.

Logo 5G Vidéotron

High-performance connection with 5G

With 5G included in our All-Inclusive plans, you enjoy an unparalleled Internet connection thanks to higher speed, increased connectivity, and reduced latency. Currently offered in Montréal and Québec City, Videotron’s 5G network continues to roll out gradually.

Cutting-edge phones for your All-Inclusive plan

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FAQ about All-Inclusive plans

All-Inclusive plans are available to new and existing Videotron Mobile customers, with a new device or when they bring their own.

The All-Inclusive plans help limit the risk of overage charges with 100 GB of bonus data renewable annually. Each month, your mobile data usage is deducted from your monthly limit, and then a maximum of 20 GB of excess data in Canada can be used at no charge, with no speed limit.

The Daily Traveller Pass is compatible with all All-Inclusive plans and allows you to use your plan’s monthly data in the countries covered by this option.

Check out more information about how the All-Inclusive plan’s bonus data works..