Planning your move with Videotron

Moving? Just gather up all the necessary information and contact us to make your change of address.

When you have all the necessary information, notify us of your move as soon as possible (up to 90 days in advance) by chat or phone.

Gather all the necessary information

ID and contact info

  1. Your account number(s)
  2. A number we can use to reach you at any time
  3. Your current email address

Take this opportunity to update your communication preferences

When you contact us, ask to update your electronic communication consents so that you don’t miss out on any of our exclusive offers, useful tips, scoops, and new products!

New address and installation

  1. Your new address (including the postal code)
  2. The exact date for transferring your services
  3. The desired date and time of the appointment (if applicable): morning, afternoon, or evening

Choice of services

  1. TV channels you want to keep or add
  2. The addition of Wi-Fi pods, for a strong Internet connection throughout your home
  3. The number of TV terminals needed
  4. The number of outlets to install or activate

Contact us

Have all the information required to make your address change? Sounds like you’re ready to contact us via chat or phone!

It’s time to switch to Helix!

If you don’t have Helix Internet or TV yet, a move is a great time to make the switch. Check out our current promotions!

Bundle your services and save

It pays to bundle your Internet, TV, and Mobile services at Videotron—save up to $100 a month! See our multiproduct discounts.

FAQ: Planning a move

If it’s an option at your new address, you can definitely install your own Helix equipment. A Customer Service representative will check to make sure this is a possibility when you contact us to make your change of address. If not, they will schedule an appointment with a technician for you.

No. This is not possible at this time. Contact us via chat or phone to make your change of address and schedule an installation appointment if necessary.

Yes. Our technicians can install new outlets, but the cables will be visible.

Moving into a new build? To avoid having exposed cables, ask your contractor or electrician to install the outlets during construction, since Videotron does not pre-wire homes.

If your new address is in another area code, you will need to change your phone number, whether it’s a home phone or mobile. A Customer Service representative will provide you with a new number when you change your address via chat or phone call.

Yes. Contact us via chat or phone. We will make sure you have the right area code to ensure you are not billed any overage charges for calls in your local calling area. We will also update your account.

Your appointments with a technician appear in My Account (Helix services) or the Customer Centre (other services).

After your move, you will be able to make changes to many of your services online, like your TV channels, your TV package, or your Internet plan.

The Community lends you a hand

Moving is a big deal! To ensure it all goes smoothly, check out our 10 tips for a successful move.

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