I am moving: How do I disconnect my Residential Internet and Television services?

You are moving? See all the things you need to do regarding your Videotron Residential Internet and Television (other than Helix) services before you move.

You have Helix equipment? Learn how to disconnect it.

Planning your move with Videotron

Have the required information ready and contact us as soon as possible (up to 90 days before your move) to ensure your address change goes smoothly.

How to disconnect your Helix equipment

  1. Unplug the equipment’s power cable.
  2. Unscrew the coaxial cable from the device. If you cannot unscrew it due to a safety ring, cut the coaxial cable about 10 cm (4 in) from the safety socket (the modem will continue to blink, this is normal).
  3. Disconnect all other cables: HDMI, Ethernet, audio, etc.

Want to keep the same services at your new home? Put all the hardware (cables, equipment, accessories, remote controls, etc.) in a marked box for easy reinstallation.

Helix subscription: what to do with your old equipment

Taking advantage of your move to switch to Helix? You will need new equipment:

  • The Helix Fi gateway replaces your modem and Wi-Fi router
  • The Helix TV terminal replaces the illico terminal

Before moving, unplug your old equipment and dispose of it according to your situation:

Rented equipment

  • If a technician is installing Helix services at your new location, give them your old equipment.
  • If you have opted to install Helix services yourself, bring your old equipment back to a point of sale.

Purchased equipment

You can sell, donate, or recycle your old equipment at your convenience.


Frequently asked questions about disconnecting the equipment

Cut the coaxial cable about 10 cm (4 in) from the safety socket (the modem will continue to blink, this is normal).

Yes, as long as you reinstall your equipment no more than 45 days after disconnecting it. Sign in to access these services or listen to your messages remotely.

If you keep illico, your channels will stay the same unless you’ve asked for a change. You can change and add channels at any time in the Customer Centre.

If you switch to Helix, you will keep your channels as long as they are part of the new Helix TV package you’ve chosen. All the channels available on illico are also available on Helix. You can manage and modify your Helix services online in My Account.

If you keep illico, the recordings and preferences on your devices will be saved.

If you switch to Helix, the recordings and preferences on your devices will be lost. To reprogram your recordings after your move, simply use the voice command, tap the microphone button, say the name of the program to be recorded while holding down the button, and then select the Save option. Learn more about programming recordings with Helix.

Yes, as long as there are no more than 45 days between the two dates. When contacting Customer Service to plan your move, include the date on which you would like to reinstall your services.

Please note that in the meantime, you will continue to benefit from your multi-product discounts. You will also have access to our various online and mobile platforms, as well as your Voicemail (if you keep the same phone number).

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