Troubleshooting your TV service

Check out our troubleshooting solutions on how to easily solve TV issues related to your equipment or certain features.

Frequently asked questions about some TV service issues

If your remote control no longer works or you have lost it, you can get a new one.

Helix voice remote
Order a new voice remote directly in My Account, in the Services and Equipment section.
See the complete procedure

illico remote
Go to a store or contact Technical Support to get a new remote control for your terminal type.

To fix most issues related to your Helix TV terminal, perform a restart with the voice command. Simply say “Restart the box.”

See other restart procedures

If you are unable to view or access your TV content in its entirety, it is likely that Parental Control is at fault. Easily change the Parental Control settings to access all your TV content.

Change Helix Parental Control

Change illico Parental Control

Yes, it’s normal, and it happens to all electronic devices. However, it’s always best to place your terminal in a well ventilated and accessible spot. Also, don’t put anything on top of your equipment, and avoid placing it on top of another device that also creates heat, like your audio receiver.

Lastly, enabling power saver mode (found in the Helix TV terminal’s Settings > Device Settings > Power) can give your terminal a little break and allow it to cool down.