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Discover the Helix Fi App


Discover the Helix Fi app

Managing your wireless network has never been easier or more complete than with the Helix Fi application. You will have control over your Internet access, connected devices and home automation equipment. In addition, you will benefit from Advanced Security options to monitor your network activity and be notified of detected threats.

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Frequently asked questions

Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax), a technology available on Helix Fi 2 gateway, brings many advantages, including better download capacity, increased capacities for more devices, as well as improved performance.

Compatible devices are marked with "ax" in their Wi-Fi settings, for example "Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac/ax".

Make sure to run the most recent updates to your computer’s network card drivers in order to establish their connection with the gateway’s Wi-Fi 6.

It’s easy to look up your Wi-Fi network information with the Helix Fi App on your mobile device or on the web.

To retrieve your information, just go to Networks and click Show Password.

No, the Helix Fi Gateway is an all-in-one Internet modem and Wi-Fi router.

If you recently activated your Helix Gateway (or modified the Wi-Fi name or password), make sure all your wireless devices are connected with the new Wi-Fi name and password

. You can also look this information up in the app's Overview or Networks sections.

Important : When you use your own router, the devices connected to that router don’t show up in the app and can’t be managed through the app..

If you subscribed to Helix Internet, you can get the compatible smart equipment you want and combine all your devices on your network by linking them to the Helix Fi app for centralized and streamlined management of your smart home. See how to do it

Advanced Security, activated on the Helix Fi application, provides you protection against malicious sites and helps prevent phishing by monitoring your devices activity in real time and sending you notifications of suspicious activity. Its dashboard format enables you to quickly view the situation and manage threats from the Helix Fi app. Details on how Advanced Security works