How to listen to your messages

Accessing Voicemail to listen to your messages on your mobile or home phone.

Do you have an iPhone?

Apple Live Voicemail is enabled by default on devices updated to iOS 17 that are set to English language. Once enabled, this feature collects messages instead of Videotron Voicemail. Learn more about Live Voicemail.

To listen to your messages

Listen to your messages on your mobile phone or, if you are a Home Phone customer, at home.

  1. Access your voicemail:    
    Mobile: Press and hold 1 and enter your PIN.    
    Home phone: Dial *98 and enter your PIN.    
    Note: Forgot your PIN? Learn how to reset it.
  2. Dial 1 to listen to your messages.

Some options available during or after listening to a message:

Back to the beginning: 4

Delete: 7

Save: 9

Want to listen to your saved messages? 
You need to listen to your new messages first, then save or delete them. You’ll hear your saved messages after going through all your new messages.

To listen to your messages remotely

Listen to your messages from another device or, if you are a Home Phone customer, from a third-party phone service.

From your phone number

Dial your phone number and press * when you hear your greeting message.

From a remote access number

Dial the remote access number according to your location and follow the instructions.

+1 (418) 212-6666 - Alma
+1 (819) 390-6666 - Drummondville
+1 (819) 503-6666 - Gatineau
+1 (450) 574-6666 - Granby
+1 (450) 960-6666 - Joliette
+1 (418) 519-6666 - La Guadeloupe
+1 (418) 620-6666 - La Malbaie
+1 (819) 907-6666 - Lac-Mégantic
+1 (819) 892-6666 - Maniwaki
+1 (819) 203-6666 - Mont-Laurier
+1 (418) 206-6666 - Montmagny
+1 (514) 380-6666 - Montréal
+1 (418) 380-6666 - Québec
+1 (418) 292-6666 - Rivière-du-Loup
+1 (418) 612-6666 - Saguenay
+1 (819) 575-6666 - Sherbrooke
+1 (418) 307-6666 - Saint-Félicien
+1 (450) 484-6666 - Saint-Hyacinthe
+1 (450) 553-6666 - Saint-Jérôme
+1 (450) 515-6666 - Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu
+1 (418) 207-6666 - Saint-Roch-des-Aulnaies
+1 (418) 716-6666 - Saint-Tite
+1 (450) 551-6666 - Sorel
+1 (418) 980-6666 - Tadoussac
+1 (418) 305-6666 - Thetford Mines
+1 (819) 601-6666 - Trois-Rivières
+1 (450) 854-6666 - Valleyfield
+1 (819) 980-6666 - Victoriaville

Frequently asked questions about listening to messages

In 2023, a new Voicemail system was introduced for Mobility and Home Phone clients. To listen to messages stored in your old voicemail, press 5, then press 1 in the Voicemail menu.

Please note: These messages will be deleted as of October 3.

Learn more about the changes made to Voicemail.

When you have a new message in your mobile voicemail:

  • A text message notifies you.
  • The icone option voicemail icon is displayed in the status bar at the top of the screen.

When you have a new message in your Home Phone voicemail:

  • The dialling tone is jerky for the first few seconds when you pick up the handset.
  • A visual indicator (light or display) is activated on phones equipped with it.

If the new message indicator doesn’t appear:

  1. Access your voicemail.
  2. Press 4, then 9 to reactivate the indicator.

The indicator is updated in the seconds following a call. It will continue to be visible as long as there is at least one message that has not been saved or deleted.

If the indicator continues to remain visible:

  1. Access your voicemail.
  2. Press 4, then 9 to deactivate the indicator.
  3. Hang up and wait for 30 seconds.
  4. Repeat steps 1 to 3 to reactivate the new message indicator.
  5. Mobile phone: Restart your device.

Contact Technical Support if the problem persists. Make sure you have the following information on hand:

  • The model of the affected telephone
  • The date and time when voicemail messages were last retrieved

To delete a message before it is finished, press 7.

Yes, if you are a Home Phone customer. The Screen and Intercept feature, included with Voicemail Plus service, allows you to listen to a message being recorded, and answer the call if you want.

  1. To listen to the message, pick up the phone within 60 seconds of the voicemail activation.
  2. To take the call, press Flash or Link. The message recording will be interrupted and you will be connected to the caller.

Add the Voicemail Plus service by chat or by phone with our Customer Service.

Forgot your PIN? Learn how to reset it.

Still can’t access your voicemail? Contact our Technical Support.

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