Moving Support

You are moving? Browse our procedures for managing the move of your Videotron services.

Have the required information ready and contact us as soon as possible (up to 90 days before your move) to ensure your address change goes smoothly.

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Moving is a big deal! To ensure it all goes smoothly, check out our 10 tips for a successful move.

Frequently asked questions about moving

Contact Customer Service via chat or phone up to 90 days prior to your moving date to notify us of the change and of your new address. This ensures that you will have your equipment on time and allows you to schedule an installation appointment if necessary.

Transport all your equipment in their original packaging or safely: modem, gateway, router, terminal, decoder, remote, pods, amplifiers, etc. 

If you are a Helix customer, you can choose to install your equipment by yourself. Depending on your situation, a connection appointment prior to self-installation may be necessary. You can also choose to have a technician install your Helix equipment.  

If you subscribe to other Videotron services, schedule an appointment with a technician for the installation in your new home.

The free connection appointment allows the technician to connect your home to the Videotron network and to make sure that the interior cabling is properly installed and functional. Following this appointment, you can proceed with the installation of your Helix equipment yourself. 

The connection appointment is necessary if you have chosen the Helix self-installation and if your home has never been connected to the Videotron network or if the connection is too old and needs to be checked. 

See how to prepare for the connection appointment 

Contact us as soon as possible to schedule a new appointment.

No. You don't have to be there, just make sure to bring your equipment to your new home. Our technician will disconnect the services at your previous residence.

No. You cannot change your address on your own at this time. Contact us via chat or by phone to change your address and schedule an installation appointment, if required.

Videotron’s services are available in most Québec municipalities. To confirm availability at your new home and transfer your subscriptions, contact one of our advisors today.

It’s time to switch to Helix!

If you don’t have Helix Internet or TV yet, a move is a great time to make the switch. Check out our current promotions!

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It pays to bundle your Internet, TV, and Mobile services at Videotron—save up to $100 a month! See our multiproduct discounts.