Assisted installation with one of our technicians

Special equipment installation procedure during the COVID-19 pandemic

To prevent the spread of COVID-19, you can choose to install your equipment yourself with the support of a technician who will guide you remotely by phone or video call, without entering your home. Technicians will also opt for assisted installation if they consider that a situation presents a health risk.

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How will the installation be carried out?

IMPORTANT: The technician will first verify that no occupants in your home are in mandatory confinement or have COVID-19 symptoms. The installation will be postponed to a later date if these risks are present.

We will confirm our technician’s arrival twice:

  1. By automated call, 24 hours prior to your appointment.
  2. The day of the appointment, to notify you that the technician is on their way.
  • On the day of your appointment, the technician will check the exterior installations and ensure that the required connections are functional. They will not enter your home, they will place the equipment in front of your door. You must be there during your appointment to receive your new equipment.
  • The technician will call you from outside and assist you while you install your equipment yourself. Online and paper guides are also available to help you follow the installation steps.
  • The technician will only enter your home if a technical problem requires a physical intervention inside your home (ex: activating an outlet). All safety and social distancing measures will be respected.

Assisted installation is available for all our services: 

  • New installation
  • Adding a service or equipment
  • Moving 
  • Switching your existing wired services to Helix

To sign up, contact our Customer Service Representatives and they’ll help you find the solution that best suits your needs.

Installation procedures

This installation requires that you disconnect your old equipment, if you have any, and start by installing the Helix Fi gateway or the Internet modem. All you have to do is follow the instructions.

Select the service to install :

Helix Box Logo

The Helix Fi terminal allows you to access the Internet and connect all your wireless devices to your home’s Wi-Fi network. You need to install before installing your Helix TV terminal.

Installation manual to download before installation

icone pdfHelix Fi Gateway User Manual

Download this manual now if you do not have a device that can access the Internet once you have disconnected your old modem. Due to a temporary problem due to logistical constraints, it is possible that the installation box delivered by the technician or by mail may not contain exactly what is written in the installation manual.

Helix Fi App

For configuring and customizing your Wi-Fi network

App store Black and white
Google Play

Installation procedures

Icone installation Method 1 : Install your gateway using the Helix Fi application.
Icone installation Method 2 : Install your gateway using the PDF installation guide.

You can then install the Helix TV terminal, if you have one.

Troubleshooting and related content

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Icone supportManually configuring Wi-Fi
Icone supportInstalling Wi-Fi Pods
Icone supportWi-Fi Pods Troubleshooting

Icone Helix TV

The Helix TV terminal is connected through Wi-Fi to your Helix Fi gateway and allows you to access the Helix TV service. You must set up a Helix TV terminal for each TV and pair the remote control to your TV.

Installation manual to be downloaded prior to installation

icone pdfHelix TV terminal and remote installation manual

First, make sure your Helix Fi gateway works and is connected to the Internet.

Installation procedures

Icone installation How to install the Helix TV terminal
Icone installation How to pair your remote

First steps with Helix

icone pdfInternet + TV Welcome guide
icone pdfRemote Installation guide

Helix Internet Logo

To access your Videotron Internet service, you will need to install the Internet modem, which connects to your coaxial wall outlet, as well as the Wi-Fi router, if you have one.

Installation manuals to download before installation

icone pdfCable Modem Quick Start Guide
icone pdfRouter Quick Start Guide
icone pdfSplitter Installation Guide

Download these guides now if you don’t have a device that can access the Internet after you have disconnected your old modem. The installation box given to you by the technician may not contain exactly what is specified in the installation manual (temporary issue due to logistical constraints).

Installation Procedures

Icone installation Installing your modem
Icone installation Installing your New Generation Wi-Fi Router

You can now install the HD TV terminal, if you have one.

Troubleshooting and related content

Icone supportNetwork connection problems
Icone supportHow to connect and manage
Icone supportHow to position your wireless router? 
Icone supportConnect your modem and router 

Helix Television Logo

The illico terminal, which connects to your TV, gives you access to a wealth of content for a one-of-a-kind entertainment experience. You must set up a terminal for each TV and pair the remote with the TV.

Installation manual to be downloaded prior to installation

icone pdfHD Terminal Installation Manual

To begin: Make sure you’re referring to the right connection for your type of terminal.

Installing the illico terminal

Icone installation Connecting the HD terminal to an HD TV: illico New Generation

Installing the remote

Icone installation Programming the remote
Icone installation Programming the remote: quick method
Icone installation Programming the remote with automatic search

If you are experiencing problems, please refer to the troubleshooting articles below.

Troubleshooting and related content

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Icone supportConnecting illico TV first generation
Icone supportTerminal and digital recorder troubleshooting

Logo Telephony

You can subscribe to the Home Phone service only or combine it with our Internet and TV services.

To comply with the preventive measures implemented due to COVID-19, the technician will assist you remotely and perform only the minimum amount of installation needed in your home, if necessary. You will need to connect your landline phone or wireless phone base directly to the home phone modem.
These measures do not affect our Mobile service.

Installation manuals to be downloaded prior to installation

For your home phone modem

icone pdfCable Modem Quick Start Guide

Your MTA cable modem enables you to access Videotron’s Home Phone and Internet services at the same time (excluding the Helix Internet service, which requires the Helix Fi gateway). You must plug your phone into your MTA cable modem..

For optional accessories

Icone supportInstalling a splitter with the Helix Fi gateway
Icone supportInstalling a splitter with an illico TV terminal
Icone supportSecurity socket removal tool

The Helix Fi gateway and illico television terminal are separate equipment that also connect to a coaxial outlet. If you only have one coaxial outlet, the technician will provide you with a free splitter and cables, if these are not already provided.

Do not plug your phone into the Helix Fi gateway, even if you see a compatible outlet. You cannot connect to Videotron’s Home Phone service through the Helix Fi gateway.

Icone supportInstalling Helix with Home Phone service

Troubleshooting and related content

Icone supportTelephony – Solving Problems

If you have any questions before or when you’re installing your services:
please contact Technical support.

Frequently asked questions

Receiving your equipment

At the time of your appointment, our technician will call to let you know that your equipment has been delivered to your building’s front entrance. They will assist you remotely by telephone while you install the equipment yourself.

Get prior approval from your residence administrator to install our services. Ensure that an attendant is present for receiving and installing equipment. Refer to our online installation procedures.

Yes. Designate another adult to receive your equipment and follow our technician’s instructions over the phone. Otherwise, the installation will be postponed and you will need to reschedule.

We have enhanced hygiene measures in all our vehicles. There is no risk to your new equipment and the technician does not collect your old equipment. Follow recommendations and wash your hands after unpacking your equipment.

Learn about other preventive measures…

Setting up your equipment

Yes. Our technician guides you by phone or videoconference through every step of the installation process. Need more help? Check out our online self-installation procedures.

Returning your equipment

Unless you have received specific instructions from us, you can return your old equipment to the Videotron store closest to you.

Locate a store

Moving your equipment

Transport all your equipment in their original packaging or safely: modem, gateway, router, terminal, decoder, remote, pods, amplifiers, etc. Schedule an appointment with a technician, who will assist you remotely while you set up your equipment yourself.

No. You don't have to be there, just make sure to bring your equipment to your new home. Our technician will disconnect the services at your previous residence.

Call Customer Service 30 to 45 days prior to your move date to notify us of the change and give us your new address. On moving day, bring all your equipment to your new home and make sure you’re there during our technician’s visit. Get more information to plan your move.

Uninstalling your equipment

Disconnect the power cables of all your equipment, except for the Wi-Fi amplifier and pods, which you need to unplug from the electrical outlet. Unscrew the coaxial cables from your illico modem and terminal/decoder (DTA). Remove other Ethernet, HDMI, telephone, component and audio cables from your equipment.

Unscrew the coaxial cable from your Helix Fi gateway. Disconnect the power (and Ethernet) cables from the gateway and Helix TV terminal, in addition to the HDMI cable. Remove the Wi-Fi pods from the electrical outlets.


Select the correct input using your TV’s remote control. Then make sure your device’s coaxial cable is properly connected.

See how to locate the input on the illico decoder.

Make sure the coaxial and power cables are properly connected. If necessary, restart your device. Wait a few minutes before trying to open a website. Here’s how to restart your modem and router or fix Helix Wi-Fi.

Good to know

Need to see your invoice or change a service? Visit the Customer Centre for your Videotron services and My Helix Account for your Helix services.

Videotron is continuing to install essential Internet and TV services so they are safe for our technicians and customers by favouring assisted installation procedures. Mobile Phone subscriptions are not affected by these new processes as devices, SIM cards and accessories are sent through the mail.

Here are all the measures put in place to protect our customers and employees: