How to manage your mobile data usage?

See how to manage your mobile data usage and avoid additional charges. 

Are there limits to my data usage?

When you use mobile data, you’ll be charged extra if you exceed the data included in your plan or Data Add-ons. Overage limits are in set by default on all numbers activated with Videotron.

Check your usage limits via the User Centre + app on your phone or the Customer Centre platform on your computer.

If you exceed the amount of mobile data usage included in your plan, the excess usage charges will be limited to the following amounts:

  • $50 for data overage in Québec
  • $100 for data overage while roaming outside of Québec

You can disable your data overage caps on the Videotron network and the partner network. You can also disable the cap for data usage while roaming in the rest of Canada and abroad.

  1. Log in to the Customer Centre.
  2. In the Mobile section, select Mobile Data Usage Limits.
  3. Uncheck the boxes corresponding to the limits to be disabled on the desired lines, and then click Save.

Once you’ve opted out of a cap, your usage will be unlimited, and you will be billed for overage on a per-use basis. If you want to reactivate your data limit, you can reenable the caps.

Your choices regarding data usage limits will remain in place from one month to the next unless you change them. If you want to disable your data limit for the current month only, contact Technical Support.

How to track your data usage and increase your data capacity

To never run out of mobile data when it matters most and avoid additional charges, see how to better manage your mobile data usage.

Good to know

Any data you use is generally processed within a few minutes. However, if you are roaming, the processing time can take up to several weeks, depending on the country visited.

  1. In the Mobile tab, select the correct number, if required.
  2. View the data usage graph.
  3. Use the arrows to the left and right of Current Period to view previous periods.

Select Data to view the usage details for the selected period.

  1. Log in to your Customer Centre.
  2. Select the tab View your Mobile use.

Do you need more data?

You can switch to a different plan that better suits your needs or purchase a Data Add-on.

Adjusting: If you change your plan during a current service month, the available capacity will vary depending on the number of days remaining in the month. The total capacity will be available the following month.

How do I set a warning or blockage?

Set a warning or blockage when said limit is reached or close to being reached.

Note : Depending on your device’s model, the procedure may vary slightly.

  1. Go to Settings and select Connections, then Data Usage.
  2. Tap Billing cycle and data warning.
  3. Turn on Set data warning and/or Limit mobile data usage features.
  4. Choose the desired usage cap and enable an overage notification if you wish.
  5. Select Start billing cycle on and set the reset date for the usage cycle to the date of your billing cycle.

  1. Go to Settings and tap Network & internet.
  2. Select SIM cards.
  3. Tap Data warning & limit.
  • To change the billing day, select Cellular data usage cycle, enter the desired day and tap Set.
  • To set up an overage notification, turn on Set data warning option, select Data warning, then enter the desired number and select MB or GB. Tap Set.
  • To set up a data cap, enable the Set data limit option and select Data limit. Enter the desired number and select MB or GB, then tap Set.

  1. Go to Settings and select Network and Internet or Connections.
  2. Select Mobile Network or Data Usage.
  3. Select Warning and Data Limit or Billing Cycle.
  4. Choose the desired usage limit and enable an overage notification.
  5. Set the reset date for the usage cycle to the date of your billing cycle.

Currently, iPhones do not have a feature where you can set up an alert or automatically block data on your device. We recommend that you regularly track how much data you’re using and manually turn data on or off.

How to avoid data overage

Here are many ways to help you monitor your mobile data usage and let you know if you’ve reached the limit on overage charges.

If you find yourself exceeding your plan’s mobile data on a regular basis, your Mobile plan might not be right for you. You can switch to a different one that better suits your needs or purchase a Data Add-on.

Enable automatic Wi-Fi connection when you’re at home and, when you’re on the go, check for an available Wi-Fi connection through your device settings.

Download any shows or movies you want to watch before you leave, while having access to your home’s Wi-Fi. They will be stored directly on your device, and watching them will not consume any mobile data.

See how to download your recordings with Helix TV app.

Take the time to check your settings to determine which applications are automatically refreshed and deactivate the ones you use less often to gain valuable megabytes.

You can choose to start videos on social networks apps On Wi-Fi Connections Only or Never Autoplay Videos. See how to do it on Facebook or YouTube.

Set a warning or blockage when said limit is reached. This feature is only available on Android devices. See how to do it.

View and manage your mobile data usage through your Customer Centre.

To make sure you receive notifications, log in to the Customer Centre, select Manage your communication preferences in the Account & Billing section, and make sure the boxes in the Notifications about your services section are checked.

You’ll receive up to three types of notifications by text:

  1. A first notification tells you that you’re about to reach your plan’s data limit.
  2. A second notification tells you that you’ve reached your limit and that pay-per-use rates will now apply.
  3. A third notification tells you that you’re about to reach the overage limit.

Learn more about the data usage and overage limits.

Frequently asked questions about mobile data management


  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Drag the button next to Cellular Data or Mobile Data.


  1. Drag the notification bar from the top of your screen to the bottom to display the quick settings. If necessary, drag it again to reveal the icons for all the features.
  2. Look for the Mobile data, Cellular data, or Mobile connection option and tap it.
  3. The icon lights up to indicate that mobile data is enabled.

The best way to share your mobile data is to create a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot so that your phone becomes a router.

Learn how to create a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot.