Support for TV entertainment apps and content

All the information you need to use the TV apps, rent a movie or an event, access youth content, and fix some issues yourself.

Frequently asked questions about TV entertainment apps and content

The Helix TV app, included in all TV and TV App plans, allows you to access your TV content anywhere, anytime, on your mobile devices, computers, and all your screens.

The Helix Fi app, included in all Helix plans, allows you to manage and protect your entire Wi-Fi network, the connections of every device and user, and the smart objects in your connected home.

On Demand content, free or paid, includes movies, series, and other types of content. Some On Demand content is only available by subscription to the channel or video-on-demand platform that broadcasts it, such as Club illico, Vrai, Netflix, and Prime Video.

Pay-per-view content can be found on Indigo channels, which offer a host of movies and live sporting events that you can order directly on your TV.

To block your children’s access to certain TV content, you just have to enable Parental Control and select the appropriate settings on each of your devices.

Enable Helix Parental Control

Enable illico Parental Control