Support for the installation and configuration of your TV equipment

All the information you need to install and connect your terminal and then change its settings, program your remote control, manage the use of the TV, and resolve certain issues yourself.

Frequently asked questions about configuring TV equipment

We don’t recommend changing anything after the installation, but if you need to move your Helix Fi gateway, see how to reconnect it in order to respect your initial installation type.

Simply use the voice command “Language” then select the language of your choice.

See more language configuration settings..

The terminal can understand some English commands, like program titles or basic commands like “Play” or “Rewind.” It will also understand some Franglais, like “Je veux voir Stranger Things.” For optimal results, we recommend speaking in the language that is set for voice search in the Language menu.

You can change your terminal’s language settings.

You need to reset your Helix TV terminal to its original settings if you no longer use it and decide to sell it to a third party or if you bought it second-hand from someone who didn’t reset it.

See how to reset the Helix TV terminal.