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Disconnecting your old equipment and installing the Helix Fi gateway

Your Helix Fi gateway is both a modem and a router, provides Internet access, and connect all your Wi-Fi devices.

Preliminary steps

Make sure that you have everything you need to install your Helix Fi gateway:

  • 1 Helix Fi gateway
  • 1 power cord
auto installation borne cable

You might also need the following équipment:

  • 2 coaxial cables
  • 1 splitter
    To connect the Helix Fi gateway and the Home Phone modem that you’re already subscribed to and keeping, if applicable.
auto installation diviseur
  • 1 security socket removal tool
    To remove the socket that could lock the coaxial cable on old equipment that you need to disconnect.
auto installation outil retrait
  • 1 Ethernet cable
    To connect a peripheral directly without using the Wi-Fi network (e.g., a gaming console, printer, etc.).
auto installation cable ethernet

If you’re missing anything, call: 1-833-994-3549

Find the working coaxial wall outlets in your home. This is the outlet on your wall that your equipment is currently connected to.

auto installation coax integre
auto installation connection coax amovible

Position the gateway near your most centrally located Videotron coaxial wall outlet relative to the Wi-Fi devices you want to connect./p>

auto installation borne centrale

To optimize your Wi-Fi signal:

  • Place your Helix Fi gateway on an elevated surface in a clear space (e.g., on furniture)
  • Don’t put your gateway in a closed-off piece of furniture or near objects that could block its signal or are made of metal (e.g., refrigerator, microwave, aquarium, hot water tank, steel shelves, etc.).
  • If the only available coaxial outlet is at one end of your home, in the basement of a multi-storey home, or in a large or high home, you can extend your coverage by installing Wi-Fi pods.

Step 1:

Disconnect your old equipment.

If you have a smartphone with a mobile data plan:

  • Activate mobile data and log in to My Helix Account to access the instructions once you’ve disconnected your current Internet and Wi-Fi connection.

If you’re using a computer or tablet:

  • Keep this page open in your browser after disconnecting your old modem and as long as your Helix Fi gateway isn’t up and running, since you’ll lose your connection during the installation.
  • If needed, refer to the paper guide in the gateway’s box or download the PDF version now.

Here is which equipment to disconnect depending on the services you’re subscribed to:

  • Internet modem
    Unscrew the coaxial cable, disconnect the power cable and Ethernet cable(s).
  • Internet-Voice Modem
    If removing Home Phone service: Unscrew the coaxial cable, disconnect the power cable and Ethernet and phone cable(s) .
    If keeping Home Phone service: Read the If you’re keeping your Home Phone service insert further below.
  • Wi-Fi router
    Disconnect the power cable and Ethernet cable(s).
  • Illico terminal or decoder (DTA)
    Unscrew the coaxial cable, and disconnect the power cable, HDMI cable or component and audio cables.
  • Wi-Fi amplifiers
    Disconnect from the electrical outlet

If you can’t unscrew the coaxial cable from your old equipment due to a safety sleeve, use the safety socket removal tool included in the gateway box with its instruction sheet.

If you’re keeping your Home Phone service
Do you have another central working coaxial outlet to connect the Helix Fi gateway to?

  • If so, don’t disconnect your modem and leave the phone wire(s) in place. Only disconnect your equipment connected using an Ethernet cable.
auto installation modem tel mta

If your Internet-Voice modem is connected to the only available coaxial outlet, you need to install a splitter to connect both your modem and gateway, Unscrew the coaxial cable, leave the Home Phone cables in place and remove the Ethernet cables connected to peripherals.

Note that your phone line will stop working during this procedure. After installation, reset your Internet-Voice modem by pressing the reset button on the back of the device for five seconds with the tip of a pencil.

If you have equipment that you were renting or borrowing from Videotron for your old services (e.g., Internet modem, illico terminal): 

The equipment and accessories must be returned to a Videotron store within 14 days of your Helix subscription, otherwise you will be charged a fee. 

To find out what equipment and accessories you need to return, see the article on Returning Old Rented Equipment. 

If you bought your equipment: 

You can bring your old purchased equipment (e.g., illico terminal) to one of our kiosks or stores to get them recycled. 

Step 2 :

Install your Helix Fi gateway

Method A: Through the Helix Fi app

Use this quick and easy method if you have a smartphone and are comfortable installing mobile apps. You’ll be guided through the process using a series of screens.

Download the Helix Fi app that matches your device’s operating system.

télécharger appli helix sur appstore télécharger appli helix sur appstore

  • Launch the Helix Fi app on your phone.
  • Log in with your Helix login details. If you don’t have a Helix account, use the four-digit code given to you when you subscribed. You will then be prompted to create your new password.
  • On the screen that appears following your authentication, select Enable your gateway.
  • Touch Start and follow the on-screen instructions.

More details on these steps

Method B: Manually connecting to the gateway

Use this method if you can’t install the Helix Fi application on a smartphone with a mobile data plan or if you prefer to follow the instructions on this page.

  • Position your Helix Fi gateway near the coaxial cable that’s most centrally located between the rooms in which you’ll be using your equipment.
  • Place the gateway on a piece of furniture in an unobstructed area.
  • Firmly screw in one end of the provided coaxial cable by hand into the wall socket and the other into the coaxial inlet behind the gateway.
  • Plug the power cord into an electrical outlet without a connected dimmer or switch and then plug the other end into the power supply outlet behind the gateway. Your terminal will automatically turn on. Important: Don’t disconnect your terminal while setup is in progress.
auto installation borne

If you’re keeping your Home Phone service AND you only have one working coaxial outlet OR that your central coaxial outlet is used by your Home Phone modem:

Use a splitter to connect your modem and Helix Fi gateway to the same coaxial outlet.

auto installation utilisation diviseur

Installing a splitter with the Helix Fi gateway

  • Wait while the gateway starts. Start-up can take up to 20 minutes if a software update is required.
  • During this period, the light on top of the gateway will flash and go from orange to green.
  • Wait for the light to turn white before continuing the installation.
auto installation borne bouton

  • Connect a device of your choosing to the Wi-Fi network by opening the Internet network quick access window in your computer’s taskbar or the Wi-Fi settings on your phone or tablet.
  • From the list of available networks, select your gateway’s temporary name and then enter its temporary password in the dialog box, both of these are found on the bottom of the gateway.
auto installation borne vue du dessous

On a PC, ignore the message requesting a confidential 8-digit code and instead click Connect using a security key. On the Security Key screen, enter the temporary password found on the bottom of the gateway.

auto installation borne step password
  • Once connected to the Wi-Fi network, open an Internet browser and type in the address bar if your browser does not go there automatically
  • On the Helix Fi welcome screen, click Go.

  • Name your Wi-Fi network and choose a secure password that contains 8 to 64 characters, made up of letters and numbers. You can use the same information as your old Wi-Fi network to make it easier to reconnect your devices.
  • Click the Next button at the bottom of the screen.
  • On the confirmation screen, click Next to complete the setup
  • Once the setup is complete, you may need to connect to the Wi-Fi network using the name and password you’ve just set up.

Step 3:

Complete your Internet installation

You can test your Internet connection by going to your favourite website on any given connected device.

If the website comes up as usual, your installation is complete and your Helix Fi gateway is working.

You can now connect all your devices and peripherals to the Helix Fi gateway Wi-Fi network, like your computers, phones, tablets, game consoles, smart TVs, etc.

Find out how to connect each device type.

If you’re a Helix TV subscriber, you can continue by installing your Helix TV terminal.


Self-installing the Helix Fi gateway with the Helix Fi app

This video is in French but will soon be available in English.

Self-installing the Helix Fi gateway with the guide

Having problems?

There are two types of coaxial outlets: the most common is a beige, white or black cable with ringed ends screwed to a wall outlet, otherwise the cable itself is coming out of the wall or is attached to it. This is the cable already connected to your Internet modem or illico terminal.

auto installation coaxiale

Depending on your home’s size and configuration, the Wi-Fi signal from the gateway might not be strong enough to reach its opposite end. Install your gateway there and test the signal quality with a phone or tablet by moving through your home. If the signal is weak, you can extend your coverage by adding Wi-Fi pods.

If the coaxial cable is too tightly screwed without being protected by security socket, you can unscrew it using a spanner or the security socket removal tool in the gateway box. You need to rotate counterclockwise to unscrew the cable.

If you’re keeping your Home Phone service and accidentally disconnected your phone cable from your modem, you need to connect it to the TEL1 port on your modem. If you have multiple phones connected to the different ports, connect the cable to TEL1 on your modem and into the wall outlet closest to your modem.

  • An update might be in progress. Wait 20 minutes and check the light again.
  • Check the connections and make sure that the coaxial cable is properly screwed into the gateway.
  • If the gateway light stays orange, your coaxial cable’s outlet may be inactive. Try connecting the gateway to a working outlet.
  • Check that your equipment is activated in My Helix Account.
  • Check that the serial number in the My Equipment section in My Helix Account is the same serial number as the one under your gateway.
  • If the terminal still doesn’t work, contact us: 1-833-994-3549.

Your gateway is probably not activated. Log into My Helix account on your smartphone and check that the equipment is activated.

Activate your equipments

If you don’t have Internet access, one of our agents will be able to activate your equipment for you. Contact us: 1-833-994-3549.

You need to reset your gateway so it works. To do so, press the tip of a pencil in the RESET hole at the bottom of the back of the gateway (No. 7 on the image) and hold for five seconds.

auto installation back borne

Contact us: 1-833-994-3549.

Alternate installation method

If you have a smartphone with a mobile data plan, you can install your gateway using the Helix Fi app and following the on-screen steps.

The Helix Fi app will help you easily manage your Wi-Fi network to get the most out of it.

Install your gateway using the Helix Fi app

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