Your first Videotron invoice

Welcome among the new Videotron customers and thank you for your trust!

Here is all the information to help you fully understand the elements of your first invoice for your Videotron services other than Helix.

How does the invoice work at Videotron?

Every month, you receive an invoice for all your Videotron services, excluding Helix. If you also subscribe to Helix, you receive another separate invoice.   

Each of your services and associated fees or discounts is described on your invoice in a detailed section.    

The Customer Center allows you to see your balance and access your invoice online if you sign up for online billing, to choose or modify your method of payment and more. 

Good to know

Your first invoice includes your first two billing cycles: the past month and the upcoming month. This means your first invoice balance will be higher than subsequent ones, as it includes the first month’s subscription fees for your services as well as your monthly fees for your services, payable a month in advance.

You also have Helix services?

If so, you have another account number and receive a different invoice for your Helix services, which you can manage in My Helix Account.


Learn more: Online billing

When you sign up for online billing, you receive an email as soon as your invoice is ready in your Customer Centre. You can view your balance at any time, see your past 36 invoices and download them to keep them on your computer.