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Frequently asked questions

Just say “Language” into the voice remote!

Yes, it’s normal, and it happens to all electronic devices. However, it’s always good to place your terminal in a well ventilated and accessible spot, e.g., don’t put anything on top of it. Also avoid placing it on top of another device that also creates heat, like your audio receiver.

Lastly, enabling power saver mode (found in the Helix TV terminal’s Settings Device Settings Power) can give your terminal a little break and allow it to cool down.

No. You have to be pressing on the voice remote’s Microphone button for it to pick up a voice command. There’s nothing to worry about!

  1. Start by taking one of the batteries out of the remote and putting it back in. This should reboot it if it was just frozen.
  2. Make sure the batteries aren’t dead.
  3. If it’s still not working, you’ll have to pair your voice remote to your terminal again: click here for instructions.

The terminal can understand some English commands, like program titles or basic commands like “Play” or “Rewind.” It will also understand some Franglais, like “Je veux voir Stranger Things.” For optimal results, we recommend speaking in the language that is set for voice search in the Language menu. As a reminder, here’s how you can change your terminal's language settings.

Just say “Help” into the voice remote!

You need to reset your Helix TV terminal to its original settings if you no longer use it and decide to sell it to a third party or if you bought it second-hand from someone who didn’t reset it.

See how to reset the Helix TV terminal