Television lexicon

Get a handle on the world of TV with these simple definitions of TV-related terms.


Level of image quality considered very high. In television, the 4K format generally corresponds to a definition of 3840 x 2160 pixels.


Level of image quality considered extremely high. The 8K format corresponds to a definition of 7680 x 4320 pixels.


Apple device feature that lets you stream content to a screen connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Learn more about AirPlay.

À la carte channels

Optional channels that can be added to your TV plan at an additional cost. See À la carte channels.

Amazon Fire TV

Device made by Amazon that plugs into a TV to connect it to the Internet and provide access to a wide range of video and audio content apps. Find out how to use the Helix TV app with an Amazon Fire TV device.

Analogue signal

Signal used to transport and store data. This signal follows the continuous variation of a concrete physical quantity, such as an electrical voltage. It was the first system to be used for television broadcasting.

Apple TV

Box made by Apple that plugs into a TV to connect it to the Internet and provide access to a wide range of video and audio content apps. Content is also available via the Apple TV app.

Apple TV+

Subscription-based streaming service providing access to original Apple productions and an extensive catalogue of popular series and movies.

Audio description

When a narrator describes television content elements, such as characters’ gestures and expressions, scenery, and costumes. Audio description is primarily intended for people with visual impairments. Learn how to enable audio description with Helix TV and illico TV.

Basic channels

Set of channels included in all Videotron TV plans. Basic channels include 23 HD channels, including all Canadian general-interest channels, plus access to Indigo, an à la carte sports event service. See Basic channels.

Cable operator

Provider of television services via a wired network using coaxial cables or optical fibre cables.

Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC)

Administrative tribunal responsible for regulating and monitoring telecommunications in Canada, in the best interests of Canadians. Visit the CRTC website.


Content recorded on a TV terminal or in the cloud. See how to change the recording capacity with a Helix TV or TV App plan.


Transmission of content from one device (mobile phone, tablet, or computer) to another (most often, a TV). Casting can be done via a device connected to the screen (Chromecast or Amazon Fire TV) or via a feature (AirPlay).


Device made by Google that plugs into a TV to connect it to the Internet and provide access to a wide range of video and audio content apps. Find out how to use the Helix TV app with Chromecast.

Closed captioning

Transcription of dialogue, narration, and sound effects into text. Closed captioning is primarily intended for people with hearing impairments. Learn how to enable closed captioning with Helix TV and illico TV.

Club illico

Subscription-based platform for French-language content providing unlimited access to more than 6,500 titles, including original Québec series, international exclusives, and movies. Learn more about Club illico.

Coaxial cable

Cable that transmits analogue or digital signals by means of frequencies. It allows you to connect a gateway to an Internet network or a terminal to a television signal.


Something you can watch or listen to, such as a program, movie, video, music, and so on. Find out how to search for content with Helix TV.

Customer Centre

Videotron’s service management app for illico TV, Mobility, Residential Internet, and Home Phone. It lets you view your invoice and change your channels online. Log in to the Customer Centre.

Digital signal

Signal used to transport and store data. This signal uses digital values in binary form (sequences of 0 or 1). Since the 1990s, digital broadcasting has gradually replaced analogue broadcasting.

Download and go

Feature of the Helix TV app that lets you download content to a mobile device for offline viewing. Up to 15 downloads on 5 devices are allowed for the same account. Downloads are available for 30 days. Learn more about downloading content on a mobile device.

Ethernet cable

Cable used to transmit an Internet signal to a device by connecting it to a gateway or modem. For example, the Helix TV terminal can be connected to the Helix Fi gateway using an Ethernet cable.


In Helix TV, channels, movies, shows, or personalities marked as favourites. These items appear in My list. See how to manage your favourites with Helix TV.

In illico TV, only channels can be marked as favourites. See how to manage your favourites with illico TV.


Integrated app providing access to a catalogue of over 300 ad-free English-language reality TV series. A subscription is required to access the content. Learn more about the Hayu app.


Acronym for “high-definition multimedia interface.” HDMI makes it possible to transmit high-definition images and sound to a screen via special cables and ports.


Videotron’s latest-generation Internet, TV, and home automation service. From its high-performance fibre Internet network, Helix offers fast, reliable Wi-Fi, TV over IP, and residential home automation.

Helix TV

Helix TV service that lets you view content on a TV using the Helix TV terminal, or on any screen using the Helix TV app. Helix TV is a TV over IP service.

Helix TV app

Free Videotron app included with all Helix TV, TV App, and illico TV plans. It lets you access TV content any time on a mobile device or computer, at home or on the go in Québec. Content from the Helix TV app can be cast to a screen using a Chromecast or Amazon Fire device or the AirPlay feature.

Helix TV terminal

Box connected to a TV and the Helix Fi gateway, providing access to Helix TV service via TV over IP technology.

High definition (HD)

Level of image quality considered high. HD corresponds to a definition of 1280 x 720 pixels.


Integrated app produced by Radio-Canada providing access to French-language programming, original series, movies, and documentaries. A subscription to Extra is required to view some content, including content in the Vé section.


Videotron’s cable television service that lets you view content on a TV using an illico terminal. In 2019, new TV technology was introduced with the launch of Helix.


À la carte TV service that lets you watch live sports events, such as UFC and Québec boxing matches. Learn more about Indigo.

Integrated app

App directly accessible on a TV connected to a Helix TV terminal from the Helix menu or via voice command. For example, Club illico, Netflix, Stingray Music, and PlayWorks are among the apps integrated into Helix. Discover all the apps available on your TV.

Kids Zone

A section of Helix TV providing access to a wide range of free content suitable for children between the ages of 2 and 12. Learn more about Kids Zone.

My Account

Videotron’s self-service platform that allows you to manage your Helix Internet and Helix TV services, among other things. You can check your invoice, change your plan, and change your channels. Log in to My Account.


Integrated app providing subscription access to series, movies, and documentaries, many of which are exclusive to the platform. Learn more about Netflix.

Optical fibre

A fine, durable cable that transmits signals over light waves at very high speeds. It is used in telecommunications to provide Internet or television access.

Over-the-top service (OTT)

An online content-only service that does not go through the cable network. For example, Netflix, Prime Video, and ICI TOU.TV are over-the-top (OTT) services.


Connection between two devices. For example, you can pair a remote or Bluetooth headphones with a TV terminal. See how to pair your voice remote with the Helix TV terminal, connect Bluetooth devices to the Helix TV terminal, or pair an illico remote with your equipment.


On Helix TV, recordings and On Demand content the user groups together for later viewing. See how to manage playlists.


PlayWorks on Helix TV gives you access to multiple apps, including more than 50 free games (Tetris, Crossy Road, Neon Rider, and more) and Video On Demand channels.

Québec and international channels of all kinds. Most Videotron TV plans let you add 5, 10, 15, or 25 Popular channels to your lineup. See Popular channels.

Premium channels

Optional specialty channels that can be added to your TV plan at an additional cost. TV App plans provide free access to one of three Premium channels. See Premium channels.

Prime Video

Integrated app with subscription access to original Amazon productions and popular movies and series. Learn more about Prime Video.


Notification displayed on the TV screen to remind you of an upcoming program or movie. See how to schedule a reminder with Helix TV or with illico TV.


Installation of telecommunications services by yourself, without a home visit by a technician. The Helix Fi gateway and Helix TV terminal, for example, can be self-installed. See the Helix Fi gateway and Helix TV terminal self-installation procedure.

Simultaneous recordings

Recordings made in the same time slot. You can schedule eight simultaneous recordings with Helix TV or illico TV.

Simultaneous viewing

Content viewed at the same time on different devices, from the same account. Helix TV and the Helix TV app allow simultaneous viewing of up to five video streams.

Standard definition (SD)

Level of image quality considered standard. It’s also called “DVD quality.” SD corresponds to a definition of 720 x 480 pixels.

Stingray Music

Integrated app providing access to multiple audio channels streaming music of all popular styles—pop, rock, hip-hop, country, blues, jazz, classical, and more—in English, French, or other languages, for adults and kids. Learn more about Stingray Music.


Fast data transmission that allows real-time viewing of video and audio content over the Internet.


Integrated, subscription-based app providing access to more than 80 international channels offering TV content in more than 20 languages. Learn more about Toober.

TV over IP (IPTV)

Internet broadcasting system. Helix TV, for example, is a TV over IP service.

Video On Demand (VOD)

All content available for viewing at the time chosen by the user. Video On Demand brings together more than 80,000 titles, including free content, rental movies, content from integrated apps and Club illico, and more.

Voice command

Message dictated to the Helix remote that lets you directly access content, apps, recommendations, a section of the Helix menu, or settings without using navigation keys on the remote. Here are some examples of voice commands.


Platform for unscripted content providing access to a multitude of original Québec productions starring popular celebrities, as well as captivating international hits. Learn more about Vrai.


Interactive English-language app that streams music videos. With over 100 music video channels categorized by genre, theme, decade, mood, and more, XITE has something for everyone, with new videos added daily. Learn more about XITE.


Integrated app providing free access to the world’s biggest platform for videos, clips, and webcasts. Learn more about YouTube.


Integrated app providing free access to more than 50,000 short English-language programs grouped into 12 specialty channels. Learn more about Zone.ify.

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