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Frequently asked questions

The Helix Fi gateway is an all-in-one product that combines the features of a modem and router. It delivers optimized, stable and powerful Wi-Fi to all connected devices.

No, illico recordings and settings cannot be transferred to the new Helix platform. To quickly reschedule your daily recordings, simply use voice command: say the name of the show you want to record and select Record in the menu that opens.

During the installation, the technician sets up the equipment to ensure optimal performance and give you the best Helix experience possible. We don’t recommend changing anything after the installation.

The voice remote is your best friend! Using it makes it easy to find your favourite shows, movies, series, channels and actors. You can even use keywords to get suggestions based on what you’re in the mood for. Check out this article for voice command ideas. Note that you can also access the TV search menu by pressing the Helix button on your voice remote.

When you enable Parental Control, you get to choose which content can be accessed by your household’s devices or the mobile devices connected to your Wi-Fi network through the Helix Fi app. Enabling the Purchase PIN allows you to restrict paid content purchases in Helix.

Want to pay your bill for your Mobile Phone, Home Phone, illico, etc.? Go to the Customer Centre and sign in to your Videotron account. 

To pay for your Helix services (Internet and/or TV), sign in to My Helix Account. 

Want to pay your bills online? Use your account numbers to pay through your financial institution’s website. You have a Helix account number and a Videotron account number

If you have only subscribed to Helix Internet, you simply have to add up your invoice balances for the year. If you’ve also subscribed to Helix TV or Helix TV App, see how to calculate your actual Internet fees.