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Get familiar with your Helix ecosystem’s high-performance equipment

Mathieu Roy, a well-known host that breaks down the latest tech, introduces you to your new Helix equipment. Get to know their features to make connecting and using them easier.

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Frenquently asked questions .

Start by making sure that your Helix Fi Gateway and your Helix TV terminal are plugged in properly. Then try unplugging them and plugging them back. This simple step resolves small issues 90% of the time! If your equipment still isn’t working after you’ve done this, contact us.

During the installation, the technician sets up the equipment to ensure optimal performance and give you the best Helix experience possible. We don’t recommend changing anything after the installation.

The Helix TV terminal goes into sleep mode and shuts off automatically after a certain amount of time, which you can configure here. This makes it possible for updates, among things, to be installed, so that you get the best, up-to-date content at all times.

No, the Helix Fi Gateway is an all-in-one Internet modem and Wi-Fi router.